The Connected Balance EXPERIENCE(CBE)


Did you know the average person has more than 6,000 thoughts a day? As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I know first-hand that all those thoughts, distractions, and associated decisions can make or break my success. One of the most successful entrepreneurs once said, “I wouldn’t be here today if I’d analyzed everything I’ve gotten into, gut instinct tells me the right thing to do and everything else is justification”. What if you could feel more confident in your decision-making ability and “know” that you are making the right decision in the moment? What are you currently using to guide your decision-making process?


The Connected Balance® Experience (CBE) explores how to harness the power of the heart, mind, and body connection using growth mindset tools backed by neuroscience. This experiential approach creates a more aligned method of intention based decision-making that offers increased clarity, awareness, and emotional control. No longer will you be hijacked by people, situations, circumstances, or your thoughts, as you tap into your own intuitive guidance system and operate from a place of “Connected Balance” while using the CBE community to practice your new tools.

Connected Balance Experience Benefits

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“Our thoughts and feelings influence the chemistry that regulates much of our health — how we feel, for better or worse. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and attitudes are just frequencies that we can learn to change — once we put our heart into our intention.”

~ Doc Childre, HeartMath

Connected Balance Experience Benefits

“Our thoughts and feelings influence the chemistry that regulates much of our health — how we feel, for better or worse. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and attitudes are just frequencies that we can learn to change — once we put our heart into our intention.”

~ Doc Childre, HeartMath

Program Structure

Based on the new book Waves of Change, the CBE program includes four interactive learning experiences focused on growth mindset tools that help build more effective decision-making skills. These 4-week interactive learning experiences include weekly pulse checks to track progress, interactive skill building activities, reflections, and a personalized dashboard report with tangible next steps for practical application. Complete all four courses for the biggest impact and increase your personal resilience to make better aligned decisions that build confidence, productivity, and overall happiness in business and life.

Create your personal roadmap for better navigation as you identify your core values or “north star” and anchor them to your personal goals. Use this information to help lead you on your journey and integrate this new awareness as you plan for your future.

Outcome:  Identify your core values and create your personal roadmap.
Building Heart, Mind, Body Connections: Discover heart intelligence and how to use this amazing electromagnetic field to create your heart, mind, and body connection backed by neuroscience. This foundational building block of personal resilience is essential for effective decision-making to better navigate and manage the unpredictability of people, situations, and circumstances. Learn how to operate from a connected state with less stress, confidence, clarity, and self-trust.

Outcome: Learn proven techniques to increase personal resilience, connection, and alignment.
Emotional and Positive Intelligence (EQ/PQ): Expand your self-awareness to help manage your behavior, patterns, and attitudes for better self-regulation, energy management, and emotional control. Learn how to use Positive IntelligenceTM tools backed by neuroscience to empower yourself in the present moment for better clarity and decision-making impact.

Outcome: Learn to use proven tools that help manage and reduce emotional impact during decision-making.
Discover the power of being “present” to make better decisions with clarity and alignment. Learn how to tap into your intuition, increase your level of informational awareness, and feel the energy in your environment around what wants to happen with people, situations, and circumstances to make better decisions in the moment. Become more self-aware during the decision-making process and create more ease and flow as you operate from a connected state with less stress.

Outcome: Learn how to use the Transformational Presence Model (TPM), inner guidance, and intuition for better decision-making clarity
A self-discovery journey offers great personal insight and rewards as you appreciate the experience and all your new skills. After completing all four experiences, you can apply to become a CBE Champion to help shape our content and share your expert knowledge for future program development. Additional CBE products and services include:

CBE Annual Membership

Become a member of the CBE Community and gain access to executive level networking opportunities, free resources, live events, and professional leadership coaching programs from leading industry professionals focused on conscious leadership.


Book a 1-hour personal coaching session to explore best practices, real life scenarios, and examples of how to use CBE tools to create a positive mindset, better decision-making skills, and achieve better life balance.

What is Connected BalanceTM ?

Misalignment is a challenge we all live with at some point in our lives. It is a disconnection from who we really are, what we want to accomplish, and how we want to spend our time on our terms. The new book Waves of Change discusses how growth mindset tools can help you operate from a connected state where your heart, mind, and body are aligned to create better balance, clarity, and decisions in business and life.