Navigating the New Normal: One Day at a Time

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5 Key C’s to Help Navigate the New Normal

Spring has finally sprung and change is now a constant in our global transformation. As the world adjusts daily to a new normal, now is a window of opportunity to take advantage of the slower pace and get focused on what’s important. As many businesses are slowly trying to regroup, it’s a great time to revisit business goals, objectives, and budgets to ensure resources are focused to prepare for the future.

Taking a thoughtful look at strategic project lists can uncover some key areas of focus that now makes sense to revisit. As virtual telework becomes mainstream, IT projects that were once labeled less important most likely will be reprioritized, so get ready. As you review your priorities, here are 5 key C’s that can help during this time.

Connection: Check in with people. How are your customers doing? What about your Partners? What can you do to help them during this transition? Regular virtual meetings will help keep everyone connected and create some normalcy. If there is no current business issue to discuss, how about those ideas that were put on the back burner? Take this opportunity to build stronger personal relationships with your contacts by discussing your latest hobby, book club read, funny meme, or family story as we are all human trying to make sense of this change.

Communication: Revisit your messaging platform. Do you need to send out regular communication to your audiences given the current business climate? Is a new messaging strategy now needed to inform your customers about recent changes, shifts or to set new business expectations? What new social channels can you add to your mix now that you have the time? Maybe create an e-newsletter, blog series, or thought leadership content via video, podcast or the old fashion way – pick up the phone to let people know what has changed and what they can expect going forward.

Community: Take inventory of your network. Are you following the right people online? Who are you inspired by and want to follow? What influencers are leading your vertical market – find out and track them. Start a game of how many new meaningful business relationships can you create in a week, month, etc. Which online groups and meetups can you help influence or learn from? Take this time to research topics that not only are important to your business but are of interest to you personally and plug in.

Collaboration: Work together to drive success. Now is a great time to find new people, partners, influencers, and companies who have similar interests and goals that you can work with to develop new helpful content or solutions to share with your target audiences. How about developing an integrated marketing strategy that leverages new ways to jointly market your products online? Webinars can quickly and easily address new problems that have surfaced, or host a virtual event with market experts to offer advice and answer questions.

Compassion: Change is a gift. As we’ve been forced to pause and take a deep breath, everyone is trying to make sense of the challenges that are unfolding around health, safety and keeping a positive attitude. In crisis there is always opportunity for great things to emerge as we watch people rally together across the globe and focus on each other and what is important. Kindness goes a long way as we navigate our new environment, so try to have compassion for others and for yourself as we all deal and accept change in different ways requiring space to adjust. There are now several virtual yoga classes online offering the opportunity to help calm your nervous system, reground, and reduce overall stress. Try it!

As we all refocus on our new normal, a positive outlook each day based on forward looking optimism is an approach that drives growth, change, and opportunity.