Integrated Marketing Strategies Win: tips for market relevancy in today’s business climate

What is
an Integrated Marketing

This approach markets your business and its products and services using a mix of activities, media, platforms, and audience-specific messaging to make an impact. As we watch the lockdown across the globe unfold to avoid virus transmission, hundreds of events have been cancelled. Case in point. Now all those conferences and trade show opportunities where you planned to market your services no longer exist.

Do you have a Plan B? What type of content and activities were you doing on social media before the crisis hit? Do you have a social media content plan to build a brand presence and expand your thought leadership in your market? Now you can take the enforced down time to regroup around that platform and build a social media strategy to stay relevant online.

No events scheduled for the foreseeable future? How about repackaging the content you created and share it in a webinar targeted for your key customers? Given most people are teleworking, I’m sure there are some available speakers you can tap to create an industry leader panel to talk about today’s key issues affecting your market. Do you have information that directly affects today’s business climate? Pitch an op-ed to reporters as opportunities always exist for industry experts to provide advice when clarity is lacking.

No meetings currently on your calendar? Refocus your efforts and budgets on creating engaging online content that can be shared across the different social media platforms. Do you have a company video? Take this break to think about creating one, so you can tell your company story and share key customer testimonials with your target audiences through use case marketing.

In times of crisis we are forced to slow down and take a breath. Stop and ask yourself, ”Is what I am doing really focused and what do I have to say to my audiences that might be helpful for their business?” By developing an integrated marketing strategy that leverages a mix of activities and platforms, regardless of what is going on in the world, your business can still remain relevant when one channel is no longer viable. In today’s new normal, digital content is king. Do you have fresh new content you can post for everyone at home now surfing the internet? Are you sharing it on social media? Now is the time.