Create Customers for Life with Model Marketing


So, let’s dig in deeper into this concept of model marketing and why you should care. Just like children model what they see, a software company’s brand persona, messaging, and behavior can create strong connections with customers when their needs are reflected.  When this happens tech companies can become a mirror of thought leadership for their customers.  This creates the “butterfly effect” which is a result of trust and enables business transformation.

Why is the butterfly effect important? Today’s IT market is driven by constant disruption, and I believe that tech companies have the unique responsibility of leading and managing that disruption by using their technology to enable businesses, organizations, non-profits, and agencies to innovate and reinvent themselves. It’s a power that comes with responsibility, and often times the marketing expertise to manage that brand power is limited.

Marchitecture’s Mission

So what? Why is this important to me? If your customers don’t trust that you care about their business, they won’t buy from you. It’s that simple. They are looking for direction and guidance in a sea of technology solutions that promise the world but come with a hefty price tag.

Ask any company in any industry today how they build customers for life and they will tell you by treating customers as important people with business needs, not a revenue target. Lexus and Nordstrom have been leading the market for years in customer satisfaction while new C-level positions have surfaced in the last several years now dedicated to customer experience and customer success. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

So how do you really drive customer adoption? By creating an authentic, integrated sales and marketing strategy that speaks to the responsibility of supporting your customers’ business, you can connect the dots to develop a common vision. When tech companies and customers are aligned, the customer voice is clearly heard, supported, and understood. It is this alignment and transformation that results in lifelong customers and long-term business.