Marchitecture creates conscious business transformation and growth for companies through integrated sales and digital marketing strategies built from growth mindset tools, marketing communications fundamentals, and storytelling  to drive results.

Workshop Information
Discover new ways to create better decisions for personal alignment in business and life through Connected BalanceTM. This new book is a compilation of proven tools from various sources to help you thrive and succeed.

Did you know that you can read energy cues to create positive business impact? Learn how people, situations, circumstances, and challenges are important clues to help drive your business strategy and target outcomes.

Based on the new book Waves of Change, learn how to harness the power of the heart, mind, and body connection backed by neuroscience. This interactive learning experience focuses on four growth mindset tools to increase decision-making effectiveness. 

It’s true, neuroscience can support your marketing strategy! Learn why and how using storytelling and marcom fundamentals can drive audience engagement, influence buying behavior, and help grow your business.


Built on 25+ years of IT sales and marketing success, we leverage storytelling for business success.

Storytelling has been around for centuries as an effective way to communicate since the caveman and the campfire. So why not use this timeless tool to connect with your target audiences and market your business value? Marchitecture operates as a chief marketing strategist mentoring and supporting tech companies, small businesses, nonprofits, accelerators, and startups. We collaborate with clients to develop messaging, content, brands, websites, and success story frameworks that integrate seamlessly into strategic digital marketing communications plans, align with sales enablement goals, and create positive customer impact. Our founder has been telling animated stories since childhood, so it’s no surprise that our passion is helping companies use storytelling to create online engagement and increase revenue.

The Marchitecture Alliance Partner Network of seasoned marketing communications experts also help execute our world class services using industry best practices to drive results. We will help you define your “why” and your company’s purpose to engage your target audiences and influence buying behavior. Every business has success stories to tell, lets create and share yours to help reach your business goals.


Identify priorities that align business
goals with expected outcomes.

Focus Areas

  • Discovery Sessions
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Findings
  • Plan Recommendations


Create an integrated marketing
strategy to reach target outcomes.

Focus Areas

  • Target Audience Segmentation
  • Messaging, Branding, Tactics, and Channels
  • Digital Sales Enablement Programs


Identify resources to
ensure successful plan execution, measurement, and evolution.

Focus Areas

  • Account Direction
  • Project Management
  • Implementation Support
  • Metrics Reporting

Whether you need to develop new messaging, market success stories, increase brand awareness and customer engagement, support a mission, create a cause, or drive product adoption, together we’ll build a plan to market your solutions and services to ensure positive impact.


Aligning with Customer Needs. Constant market disruption from new technology or global impact factors (like COVID or a war) is either a growth trajectory that creates new opportunities, or a debilitating challenge that can close a company’s doors. As traditional product marketing tells the story of how technology or products work, the real focus should be on the problems that are solved and the positive impact of that transformation. Does your current marketing communications strategy tell your story and highlight your customer success?


We create agile integrated digital marketing Communications strategies focused on customer needs that deliver business results.

Companies have a unique opportunity and responsibility to drive business transformation. Your thought leadership and solutions can help customers navigate market disruption, so they can reinvent, innovate and evolve. Marchitecture helps enable this important transformation through storytelling.


  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet Security
  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofit
  • Public Sector
  • Telecommunications

Meet Kathy Sebuck, CEO

Building on 25+ years of successful field experience working in software sales and marketing leadership roles across multiple industries and markets, Kathy understands the dynamics of solving complex business problems to create results, relevancy, and business transformation. Her goal is to make a positive impact on people and business by offering strategic leadership stemming from a unique blend of entrepreneurship, authenticity and humor to generate results.

"Kathy has incredible energy, is intellectually curious, and has a wealth of knowledge in the marketing and communications field. She is sought out as a coach, mentor, and workshop presenter and I would never hesitate to highly recommend Kathy to any organization seeking her energy, enthusiasm, and expertise."

- Greg Bowcott, Business Mentor & Coach, SCORE San Diego

"Kathy has played an important role in developing the Because Accelerator and guiding Because International over the past few years. I look forward to continued collaboration with Kathy and highly recommend her to others that may have a similar opportunity to collaborate."

- Andrew Kroes, President & CEO, Because International

"Kathy is a driving force who brings a high level of energy that is contagious...Her expert problem - solving skills give her the ability to focus on the critical aspects of a business challenge and get outstanding results."

- Tom Hakos, Retired from Oracle

"Kathy brings a passion and focus to everything she does. Her marketing and communications expertise will be a great addition to any organization’s strategy."

- Maureen Blackwell, Executive Leadership Coach at empoweringLeaders

"Kathy has a sharp Marketing/Communications mind, is a complete team player and has a keen sense of how to get ‘stuff’ done, even in a highly matrixed organization."

- Steve Collins, VP of Cloud Communications at IBM Corporation

"Kathy is a stellar marketing executive with a unique ability to power through organizational clutter to deliver for business impact. She’s the person you want to build and deploy your strategic marketing plan."

- Nicole Armstrong, CMP, CMM, CED, Head of Strategic Events at MITRE Corporation

"I had the opportunity to work with Kathy over a number of years. I can attest to her as being a very high quality, energetic, hard worker who was a big asset not only for strategic communications and marketing, but also for general business advice. I highly recommend her."

- Mark McLaughlin, Board Vice Chairman at Palo Alto Networks

"Kathy’s ability to build a multi-faceted marketing, comms and PR strategy allowed us to take our business to the next level using fresh, out of the box ideas and thinking."

- Faisal Iqbal, Solutions Architecture Manager at Amazon Web Services

"I hired Kathy to run Sun’s iForce Solution Center for government sales. She quickly took over and built the center from nothing to a model used across the US and into parts of Europe and Asia. I would recommend Kathy for any job in any company as I know her talent, abilities, and “get the job done” attitude would make her successful at whatever she tackles."

- Brad Kirley, Retired from Sun Microsystems


At Marchitecture, we can help you build an integrated marketing communications strategy from the ground up focused on your customer needs. Our Alliance Partner Network leads by example in their area of expertise, each with a successful track record of influencing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue annually. These trusted like-minded allies provide proven strategies and the creative know how to get things done, while embracing the same values of commitment, communication and collaboration as Marchitecture to drive repeatable results.